If your favorite NBA star were a Superhero

Posted by admin On January - 25 - 2009

I finally watched The Dark Knight this week, and it got me thinking.   Many NBA players either do or SHOULD embody specific superhero traits.   So I thumbed through the Superhero encyclopedia, and made my list…

Tracy McGrady / Wolverine
Wolverine possesses a healing factor that allows him to quickly recover from virtually any wound!

If only…


Dwight Howard / The Hulk
…is capable of immense feats of strength!

The (small) amount of enhancement I had to do to this picture is frightening.


Darius Miles / The Invisible Man
For a moment it seems like he’s permanently invisible, but a panel later, standing in front of a blue saucer-like thing, he says “These vibrations fix everything. I can appear and disappear at will! Now for revenge!

Strikingly fitting.  Had Portland been able to sign him to a contract a few weeks ago, this actually would have happened (at the end of the bench anyway).


Tyrus Thomas / Superman
…able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

What about Shaq you say?  Dwight?  Not this week.   Tyrus posterization gives him that spot.

Kevin Garnett / ?
Either insane or clever.  Hopes to die in the greatest battle of his life.  Seething!

Say what you want about KG, but there’s not doubting his fire.  Has there ever been a more fierce and intense player?  So who else could KB be but…

I think that turnaround is about the smoothest thing I’ve ever edited together. Listen with the sound up.

Have any of your own suggestions?  Leave them in the comments, and maybe I’ll make a few more up.

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  1. che1989 says:

    fnnuy. Don’t know, but theres got to be something here:


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  3. hizza says:

    Man he can fly! Well done. Nice blog btw.

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