Vintage 1980’s Style 2009 NBA All Star Preview Found!

Posted by admin On February - 11 - 2009


Oh for the good ole days. The NBA on CBS. The montages set to techno-jazz music overlaid with Dick Stockton’s classic, never and always dated delivery. How I miss it.

I recently found a 1986 All Star Game preview in my collection. It had everything you’d imagine: Bad basketball card simulations, bad music, and wall to wall slo-mo - over which Stockton laid his poetic and only occasionally insightful narration.

I was just about to post that video, when I began to think about how much I’d love to have Dick Stockton and his old crew make a version for the 2009 All Star game. Same music, same cheese, same 1980’s “NBA on CBS” goodness. Well, wouldn’t you know I found a way to get access to the old crew!

So if you’ve grown tired of the slick production of today’s NBA and would like to take a 2 minute trip back in time, here’s Dick Stockton with your 2009 NBA All Stars…

Tomorrow I’ll post the actual 1986 version. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “Vintage 1980’s Style 2009 NBA All Star Preview Found!”

  1. mookie says:

    Classic (literally)!! Well done Lands!

    You certainly fit most of it in pretty well with the commentary.

    – mookie

  2. Jrock12 says:

    Ah man…radical!

    Seriously, the Jameer Nelson pick cracked me up…LOL.

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